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Involvement opportunities

Join the journey and make a real change to the world by sponsoring the Clusters programme or an individual ClusterOr perhaps get involved by becoming a participant of a cluster and explore the ideas with others, enriching your knowledge and broadening your mind. Provide access to the influencers and decision-makers that can assist with creating sustainable change.  

The opportunity to enable...


The VUCA (Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world we currently live in has led to the prioritisation of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals for organisations. However, measuring an organisations social and environmental impact is far from simple. That is where Clusters comes in. Clusters ensures that you are able to meet ESG commitments by supporting real change in society. There is an opportunity to enable change in your own sector and across a wide range of others. The funding is used to deliver change that is sustainable whilst also focusing on the most pressing issues of society. 

The opportunity to contribute...


Join us on the Clusters journey as a coach, working with individuals who are inspired to make a real difference. Offer your time for free to support the charitable aims of Clusters and in return you have the opportunity to work with Xenergie Consulting or become a systemic group consultant with Xenergie’s Advanced Diploma in Organisational Culture Transformation.  

The opportunity to participate...


Join us on the Clusters journey as a participant, engage in challenging and insightful conversations that open you up to thinking beyond the normal contexts. Gain a deeper insight into systemic transformation in an area that you find most resonates with you. Get involved in mini-projects that contribute to solving the issues of your chosen Clusters.

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