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YOung Leaders

These extraordinary times call for extraordinary people to step up, step in and make a difference. A new type of leadership will be needed for our emerging world. What could this look like and how can it be shaped?

This is the challenge the Young Leaders are exploring through their shared journey. On the way they will develop themselves,  their awareness and their skills to create real change in our world. 


The Young Leaders are well on the way in their journey to explore leadership in the emerging world and what it means for the future of work.  The Cluster is made up of 10 inspirational young people from the age of 15 to 25, some still in education and some in the formative stages of their careers.  They all share a passion for making a difference and taking up their role as Young Leaders in the world.


Cluster news



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The Young Leaders are continuing to explore the meaning of purpose, systemic change and what it is exactly that the younger generation is in need of. Through many discussions and brainstorms, the Young Leaders are considering two projects that could potentially accelerate systemic thinking through youth empowerment in order to achieve social mobility. The participants agree that it is crucial for the younger generation to be exposed to this way of thinking and also to be able to voice their opinion without feeling judged. To learn, co-create and reflect on what is important for them individually as well as in the wider context of the system. Each participant so far has found immense value in the personal development side of the Cluster journey and believe that this aspect could create huge value for others in their pilot projects. Currently, the young leaders are meeting weekly in order to gain momentum in these projects. There are talks to perhaps merge the two projects together, however, all will be revealed later on in the journey. Keep an eye out for more updates via the Young Leaders page. 


Who's turn is to lead the conversation?

young leaders

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is more than just technology and business. It also requires a different set of leadership skills. Future leaders must be prepared in learning how to lead in a completely new way, that builds on the lessons of the past, and anticipates what the future calls.

So, who are the leaders we are talking about, and what is the “it” we are referring to in the corporate world?

Those that got us here, those who will take us there, or the masterful collaboration of both and more?

This article is a collaboration between generations in order to build a greater sense of purpose and understanding. Click here to read.


Asking The big questions

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This week our Young Leaders begin to open up and ask the big questions...

"My question is how our society will shift post-pandemic, taking into account all the events that happened in 2020. I really hope society will be able to integrate the things we learned and allow for people to continue to voice their opinions and make a difference." - Participant


"My big question for the future is how are we going to tackle inequality, whether that’s wealth inequality, power inequality, social inequality, economic inequality." - Participant


Emerging Purpose


Stage 4- Movement

As Young Leaders clusters moves into stage 4, emerging themes are beginning to appear when exploring purpose.

1) To develop the capacity of Young Leaders for the future, creating spaces, capabilities and skills.

2) To connect and empower Young Leaders through an inclusive and participatory platform, creating incremental change and shaping a more sustainable world.

3) To build knowledge and challenge perspectives, moving beyond our own groups to become leaders of the future.


Young Leaders Launch


Clusters is delighted to launch our first pilot, Young Leaders, where the cohort is beginning to explore what the required new forms of leadership look like from a Young Leader's perspective. Whilst at the same time undertaking a journey to create personal change. 


Stage 1 required the young leaders to open up how they are currently experiencing life during the pandemic of Covid-19, what inspired them and what is disheartening. Key concepts such as Transformation, Systems Thinking and Reflective practice were introduced. 


"I couldn’t imagine a better way to have spent my afternoon.  Thank you all for sharing your incredible stories. "


Participant Young Leaders

"Thank you to the Xenergie Team for holding the space and taking us on this journey! Really looking forward to this! Excited to see what the future holds..."


Participant Young Leaders