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What do we really mean when we talk about "home"?  It is a sense of belonging, of value and of safety. Being without a roof over your head is not the only way of being "homeless".  Too many people are already disenfranchised, disconnected from society or living without a sense of community.  If we want to change humanity for the better, we need to show compassion and move from a mindset of "them and us"

The Home Cluster is exploring these issues, viewing home as source of wellbeing, health, education and purpose. By working across sectors, the cluster aims to create action that enables all of us to eventually say "we feel at home".


The Home cluster has formed with an influential and inspirational group of leaders. It provides an international perspective on the challenges of the sectors in society as well as exploring the different meanings of home.


Cluster news




The Home Cluster is represented by leaders from across the housing and social sectors in the UK, Ireland and Canada.  Their journey started with an exploration of what "home" means to them and how it is represented within the system.  The emerging sense is that home exists beyond place and space, often including a sense of belonging and emotional connection that offers a sense of comfort and safety.  However, it was also recognised that home can mean quite the opposite for many people, a place of fear and insecurity.  One of the challenges for the housing and social sectors is how to recognise what home really means, and empower everyone to be able to create their own positive version of home.  Another emerging theme has been the underlying nature of the housing industry, often driven by efficiency and pushing out products, or "units" as properties are often referred to, rather then working to enable and support the supply side - the very people who live in and build their sense of home in these properties.  The group will now start to explore how the concept of home relates to, and is integral within, many other sectors such as education, healthcare and environment.


The launch of the Home clusters

Home cluster welcome

Clusters is delighted to announce the planned launch of the Home cluster on 17th Feb 2021.