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A Cluster forms with representatives from across a system acting as a fractal of the whole system where they undertake a journey of exploration together.  

Core to the process methodology is the focus on individual enlightenment as a route to the change agency of the collective and the bigger picture. We will also be exploring the economics of the enlightened way of working.

These unique collaborations of diverse thinkers and sharp minds all approach the question from multiple, unique angles offering insight and a level of thinking previously untapped when addressing the challenge alone or in groups of similarly aligned individuals.

Amplified through 10 lenses of unique interest, individual curiosity and personal drive, it is these fresh perspectives and the diversity of beliefs and values at the table that fuel the exploration into the deep and complex questions.

By opening your mind and enabling free flowing thinking, you may not only solve your related organisational, business or societal challenges but create a wider glow for the planet overall.

Clusters is looking for driven, forward thinking people who want to go on this journey to harness the power of the collective to deliver radical thinking and change at a critical time in our evolution.


The power of 10

Groups of up to 10 people will gather around a question and work through a facilitated process in exploring the chosen question. The facilitation process works with a number of models and frameworks to assist the dynamic of the group in exploring their perspectives and developing insights and ways of working together moving forward.   Participants also commit to their own individual development and opening. 

The ultimate ambition is to distil key learnings and principles from the questions and associated research which can be reapplied elsewhere by the stakeholders, and on action in service of the question.

Whilst working on the question, you will also be coached individually and as a group. The team will create the conditions for individual and collective learning to help hold the challenge for the group in generating better answers.

Clusters will consolidate and share their learning in an annual symposium, designed to have as greater reach and influence as today’s networks and methods allow.


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The challenges of our time are so unpredictable and miscellaneous that to tackle them alone is both a luxury we cannot afford and a sign of overconfidence: we simply can no longer cope with the increasing factorial complexity of reality.

At the recent Cog X conference on trends for the coming decade, the editor-in-chief of Nature Portfolio magazine Magdalena Skipper gave some pretty compelling evidence of this. She mentioned the most effective and valuable global scientific research and discoveries of 2019-2020 made by creative teams built on collaboration between academic researchers, relevant government agencies, and private practitioners (small organisations carrying out practical activities in the research sector conducted).  In the partnership of science, government and practice (business and civil society), today's most significant solutions are born, whether they are medicine, climate change, artificial intelligence, or sustainable social development.

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Written by Marina Demchenko