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The Origins

Clusters was born through the coming together of two unique organisations, The Grubb Trust, holders of the legacy of The Grubb Institute, and Xenergie, both with a strong pedigree in the study of group relations and transforming organisations - and both committed to a higher level of thinking around the nature of humans, systems and the world in which we exist.


The Grubb Institute

The Grubb Institute was established in 1957 when it first worked with issues of faith, life and education in people’s working lives, before moving into consultancy assignments and applied research projects with universities, research bodies and management consultancies.


The Institute took on critical social issues, through work with the Prison Service, the Transition to Working Life Program for the unemployed and even work with the Communities in Northern Ireland during the height of the Troubles.

In time, key frameworks and methodologies arose out of the experience gained in transforming Institutions. This led to the development of the Transforming Experience Framework. Since then, these conceptual frameworks and methodologies have been continuously tested, redeveloped and adapted in education, health and social care, business, industry, government agencies, the voluntary sector and religious organisations.

Grubb champions the exploration of connectedness, with the belief what we seek and all the resources required to fulfil it are already there, it is simply us who are blocking them. By fostering this spirit in people and systems and by trusting the intelligence of the collective, Grubb recognise we can connect and release these resources for a greater good.

worldXchange Foundation

The worldXchange Foundation delivers support to the business and wider community through the introduction of highly specialised coaches and business development experts to help facilitate wider learning at a fraction of their normal price. Giving back time, expertise and sharing knowledge for the common good. 

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The purpose of the worldXchange Foundation is to facilitate wider learning and development through a series of ground breaking initiatives aimed at ensuring high level consultants and coaches are supporting communities, organisations and governments throughout the world. 

The Leadership Team

Clusters is an initiative of the worldXchange Foundation.  Each Cluster is led by a Pathfinder, supported by Reflection Partners who act as a personal coach to each Participant, guiding them through the shift in being, doing, knowing and thinking.  Our founding team is adding Pathfinders and Reflection Partners as the number of Clusters increases.

Lorna McDowell

Lorna McDowell

Path Finder


Nigel Russell

Path Finder


Simon Bazalgette

Chairman of the Board of Trustees