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Harnessing the power of the collective…

In times of unprecedented change, imagine the power of collaborative thinking. Then imagine that power increasing when you combine the thinking of game changers. Game changers from all walks of life. Game changers that care and want to help solve the issues, not just in their area of interest, be that business, politics, sport, entertainment or academia. So if you are a game changer in your walk of life and want to really make a difference in delivering change in the world then Clusters is a program designed for you.

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The Clusters

Clusters for Clarity

A more enlightened way...

Clusters bring together a diverse collective of leaders and influencers to collaborate on an elected, mutually beneficial question, which will elevate your thinking, evolve your mindset and as a result begin to shift your action, to reach conclusions and outcomes previously beyond your grasp, and propelling a shift in "being" and "doing" way beyond the initial circle of interest .

Clusters centres around the simple principle that collaborative thinking and action is considerably more effective than addressing some of the most challenging questions of our time as an individual. We cannot solve big issues alone; we need others who represent different parts of the issue to come together. However, discussion is not enough. Gamechanging collaboration is enabled through a holistic learning "process" that will help shift passion for movement beyond the gridlock of debate.

Clusters generates shifts in outcomes by creating highly engaging learning environments in which people can begin to change their own behaviour and by being part of influencing solutions, start to generate action way beyond themselves.  This is the power of collective intelligence.

Core to the process methodology is the focus on individual enlightenment as a route to the change agency of the collective and the bigger picture. We will also be exploring the economics of the enlightened way of working.

These unique collaborations of diverse thinkers and sharp minds all approach the
question from multiple, unique angles offering insight and a level of thinking previously untapped when addressing the challenge alone or in groups of similarly aligned individuals.

Amplified through 10 lenses of unique interest, individual curiosity and personal drive, it is these fresh perspectives and the diversity of beliefs and values at the table that fuel the exploration into the deep and complex questions.

By opening your mind and enabling free flowing thinking, you may not only solve your related organisational, business or societal challenges but create a wider glow for the planet overall.

Clusters is looking for driven, forward thinking professionals who want to go on this journey to harness the power of the collective to deliver radical thinking and change at a critical time in our evolution.

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The Questions

If you want the answer...

Ask the Question...

By sponsoring a Cluster you can shape a leading question and combine the power of 10 minds to all tackle the task at hand, offering enlightenment previously out of reach to you.

As you work together over 10 months perhaps the original question morphs and develops into something bigger, or further associated questions are raised and tackled by the collective. The power of the collaboration will continue to build and grow as you proceed with the process, with monthly sessions to share your new thinking that’s been evolving since the previous session.

The ultimate outcome may not even be an answer but an experience in thinking and connecting with others that you can take forward with you in all you do.
What Clusters offers is the sum of many parts and the opportunity to become a better global citizen, contributing to the tabling of questions critical to life as we know it.

Feeding your curiosity can and does lead to not just better business decisions but better life decisions. Constantly evolving thinking can answer questions which future generations will rely on.


The types of questions it might explore include:

What would an organisation look like if its operating model ran by the natural order?

How can we speed up everyday engagement with climate change and sustainable practices?

What is the untapped resource and abundance in the refugee crisis ?

What is a better way to counteract terrorism and national security?

How can spiritual and faith institutions better take up their roles and deploy resources in society into the future?

How can the pain and scarcity in national health services be transformed into wellbeing and abundance?

What is the education we need in the future?

How can we better harvest the wisdom of elders and youngers?


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The Process

The Journey Begins

The Power of 10...

Groups of up to 10 people will gather around a question and work through a facilitated process in exploring the chosen question. The facilitation process works with a number of models and frameworks to assist the dynamic of the group in exploring their perspectives and developing insights and ways of working together moving forward.   Participants will also be expected to commit to their own individual development and opening. 

The ultimate ambition is to distil key learnings and principles from the questions and associated research which can be reapplied elsewhere by the stakeholders, and on action in service of the question.

Whilst working on the question, you will also be coached individually and as a group. The team will create the conditions for individual and collective learning to help hold the challenge for the group in generating better answers.

At the end of the 10 months, groups will consolidate and share their learning in a symposium designed to have as greater reach and influence as today’s networks and methods allow.


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The Opportunity

Now is the Time

To get Involved...

They are many ways to get involved in Clusters.

For organisations needing fresh perspectives on answering big questions there
are 10 key sponsors positions available enabling you to help choose and
shape a leading question for a Cluster to work on.

Sponsor a Question Cohort:

Major sponsors have a say in the shaping of the question, the group formation and may nominate members.

The funds go towards:

  • the gathering and recruitment of an optimum group (up to 10 people), people who potentially have a shared interest in the question eg. part of the same eco-system, and represent a diversity of perspectives;
  • facilitation and coaching of the group through the process by Xenergie and Grubb consultants, including:
    • preparatory training for the consultants in the process to be used.
    • fees for facilitation and reasonable travel allowance
    • supervision, coordination and support for the consultants
  • In addition to the group sessions, each person will receive some 1-1 reflective coaching as part of the process – ideally this will be provided within process costs, otherwise we may request that individuals signing up to this avail of it out of their own budgets.
  • Writing and digital publication of a journey “case story and map” to inspire other groups to try this method
  • Online participation to engage the macro audience, including project updates and ways for people to participate free of charge from around the world via social media.


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The Origins

In The Beginning

Clusters was born...

Clusters was born through the coming together of two unique organisations, The Grubb Trust, formed to promote the legacy of the Grubb Institute of Behavioural Studies, and Xenergie,  both with a strong pedigree in the study of group relations and transforming organisations – both committed to a higher level of thinking.


The Grubb Institute of Behavioural Studies


The Grubb Institute was established in 1957 when it first worked with issues of faith, life and education in people’s working lives, before moving into consultancy assignments and applied research projects with universities, research bodies and management consultancies.

The Institute took on critical social issues, through work with the Prison Service, the Transition to Working Life Program for the unemployed and even work with the Communities in Northern Ireland during the height of the Troubles.

In time, key frameworks and methodologies arose out of the experience gained in transforming Institutions. This led to the development of the Transforming Experience Framework. Since then, these conceptual frameworks and methodologies have been continuously tested, redeveloped and adapted in education, health and social care, business, industry, government agencies, the voluntary sector and religious organisations.

Grubb champions the exploration of connectedness, with the belief what we seek and all the resources required to fulfil it are already there, it is simply us who are blocking them. By fostering this spirit in people and systems and by trusting the intelligence of the collective, Grubb recognise we can connect and release these resources for a greater good.



XENERGIE LOGOA pioneer in the field of Systemic Team Coaching as an approach to working with organisational culture and strategy, Xenergie is  a consultancy, an accredited educator in systemic coaching and an energised global network and collaboration of practitioners who are ever evolving and exploring new ways of being in organisations.   The Xenergie approach is based around integrative action-learning  that simultaneously shifts mindsets, leadership, strategy, processes and practices, and sees organisations as living, evolving energetic systems.

Founded in 2000 by Lorna McDowell and now an energised global network of consultant and in-house practitioners, Xenergie was created in a series of waves as Xenergie faced into contextual challenges gridlocks, both its own as  a developing, innovative organisation, and those of clients.  During these waves, the Xenergie team experimented with a strong value of walking their own talk as change agents, and exploring, integrating, improving and adding to a diverse toolbox of models and frameworks to work through situations and study impacts.   The discoveries of the similarities of challenges between sectors and sizes of organisations, was clear evidence that an evolved  approach was needed all around, and that organisations were generally insufficient in their capacity, and understanding of how, to work in a more enlightened way with a rapidly changing context.

The Xenergie approach blends team building, leadership and strategy development with insights from quantum physics, psychotherapy, NLP and ancient 'earth wisdom' and spiritual studies.   Despite the melting pot of inputs, the result is a methodology which is highly engaging and  highly practical, because it is imbued with meaning, both personally and organisationally.  Clients become co- designers and owners of their own transformation, growing awareness of how organisations are improved by connecting people to themselves, and to a sense of greater purpose.

Xenergie particularly builds on the Grubb’s legacy of working with the unconscious and unintended side of organisational life  in relation to how tensions  show up and gridlock culture.  These must be understood, faced into and consciously worked with to transform outcomes and for organisational health and sustainability.  

In Clusters, Xenergie’s approach to group coaching will inform the facilitation to help the groups work insightfully and creatively with behavioural economics and ultimately generate better outcomes for the greater good.


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The Grubb Institute is really excited to see that the work we have spent years upon is going to be further developed by some of the worlds leading exponents in the art of thinking. We are really looking forward to seeing the results.

So ensure you get involved now and are not to late in missing one of the coveted 10 slots available.

Simon Bazalgette Grubb Institute

We want to help design a more enlightened way of working that brings diverse people together, representing split parts of ourselves, to work at more holistic solutions, starting with how we, as individuals, take up our role in the collective society?
Can we bring missing parts of a jigsaw together and positively impact and evolve the bigger picture?
Lorna McDowelll

Lorna McDowell Xenergie

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