The Clusters        


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Harness the power of the collective

In times of unprecedented change, imagine the power of collaborative thinking. Then imagine that power increasing when you combine the thinking of game changers. Game changers from all walks of life. Game changers that care and want to help solve the issues, not just in their area of interest, be that business, politics, sport, entertainment or academia. So if you are a game changer in your walk of life and want to really make a difference in delivering change in the world then Clusters is a program designed for you.


The Clusters

Clusters bring together a diverse collective of leaders and influencers to collaborate on an elected, mutually beneficial question, which will elevate your thinking, evolve your mindset and as a result begin to shift your action, to reach conclusions and outcomes previously beyond your grasp, and propelling a shift in "being" and "doing" way beyond the initial circle of interest .

Clusters centres around the simple principle that collaborative thinking and action is considerably more effective than addressing some of the most challenging questions of our time as an individual. We cannot solve big issues alone; we need others who represent different parts of the issue to come together. However, discussion is not enough. Game changing collaboration is enabled through a holistic learning "process" that will help shift passion for movement beyond the gridlock of debate.

Clusters generates shifts in outcomes by creating highly engaging learning environments in which people can begin to change their own behaviour and by being part of influencing solutions, start to generate action way beyond themselves.  This is the power of collective intelligence.